TAIWAN – Low-Path Bird Flu Found on Duck Farm – May 31, 2011

TAIWAN – As the result of testing following a previous outbreak of low-pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI), the H7N3 virus has been found on a duck farm.

The veterinary authority sent Follow Up Report No. 2 dated 30 May to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

The report describes the finding of the LPAI virus at a farm in Dalin township in the region of Chia-I – the region of a previous outbreak in April. On 20 May, 20 birds from a flock of 1,900 birds on a farm were affected.

After the H7N3 outbreak confirmed on 7 April 2011, epidemiological investigation and intensified surveillance were carried out on the surrounding poultry farms within a three-kilometre radius area around the index farm. Samples taken from a duck breeder tested positive with both RT-PCR and virus isolation, and identified as H7N3 strain avian influenza virus (AIV) on 26 May 2011. Movement restriction was implemented on the farm immediately after AIV was detected. Clinical investigation on that farm was done and the result showed that the breeders in the farm were healthy without abnormal mortality. The pathogenicity assays of this virus isolate are now in progress.

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